Credit Card Debt Reducing Strategies – How to Get Rid of Your Credit Card Debt

Knowledge of Credit Card Debt Decreasing Tactics is really crucial if you want to help get your self out from under the weight of increase debt. Here, we take a look at some simple methods than can assist you get back on the straight and narrow and on the road to economic independence:

1. Consolidate your credit card debt into one credit card and invest savings.

Consolidating all the amounts owed into 1 monthly payment plan can be really valuable. Typically this quantity gives a lower monthly payment quantity permitting you the opportunity to save far more income and potentially invest this savings into other corporations or investment options with the goal to assist get more money allowing you to pay off or down the loan quicker. Also, some people have utilised this money to support construct improvements on their residence that enable for later home equity value increases down the road.


Pay down the highest percentage rate credit cards 1st.

By paying down the highest percentage rate credit cards 1st, you aid make sure you pay the least quantity of interest possible. The goal of course is to move to paying off the other credit cards once these highest percentage ones are paid off 1st.

three. Contemplate refinancing possibilities to aid with amounts owed.

Several folks who have produced a number of payments towards their home are in a position where a refinancing or house equity loan may be appropriate. This can be beneficial to consider these options due to the fact they permit you the capacity to pay off or down this debt with this extra cash or by absorbing this debt into the mortgage. Nevertheless, if a secured debt consolidation loan is produced, recognize that defaulting on the loan would result in them obtaining a claim to your property or other collateral employed.

By utilizing these credit card debt reducing tactics, you can put yourself back in manage and assist realistically pay off your debt.

Nonetheless, with all investment choices, you must make certain you can in reality stick to paying these new payments and also not fall back into poor credit card use habits.


  1. reinier84 says:

    @gtechie The Secret of Oz by Mr. Bill Still goes in-depth into this. Everyone look this up on youtube you can watch and learn!

  2. Ubiscious says:

    Man, I love what I am seeing. If you people have not yet been introduced to or read the new ebook, “American Epitaph” by Damien, then let me be the first to tell you about it. It is about the revolution and it was inspired by and comes from within the movement itself!

  3. coinageboy says:

    Add income taxes to the list….

  4. steveh777ify says:

    @alexlogic Bravely Spoken, and So True.
    This video has cost BOA tens of millions of dollars, at a conservative estimate. Their ill-gotten gains, which are entirely inappropriate and anachronistic at this point in time have been severely compromised. This is a Good Thing.
    This lovely lady has my unqualified respect.

  5. this Gurl! is right!!!


  7. stopdemockery says:

    FRAUD! Banks have no money invested in loans. When you signed your promissory note, they deposited it as a credit upon which they could lend 9 X that much. Then they handed you your own money which you created with your signature. They then charged you 3 X that much for book keeping entries. Or, they securitized it, sold it to a trust, making as much as 40%. Now they’re a servicer with no right to foreclose. Look into “quiet title” actions, you get all your payments back and a release of lien.

  8. fastforward400ex says:

    If you borrowed the money, you singed contracts, agreed to their terms. Just live debt free. I’m climbing out of debt now, but every bit I owe, I asked for. The way to revolt is to not borrow. The Dave Ramsey way works!

  9. johnniegreen007 says:

    You rock Gurl! you are soooooooinspiring xoxoJohn

  10. The only way you will bring about change is to join the movement to take back the right of the federal government to print its own money, debt free. This is a power that has always existing the right the forefathers intended, and the real reason for the war of independence. Research it and awaken.

  11. alexlogic says:

    Bank of America Credit Card Customers owe Ann Minch a debt of thanks.

    Without this youtube video, your 13 to 14 percent Bank of America interest rate credit card would be 19 percent to 25 percent.

    Because of this video, your Bank of America monthly payment results in MORE MONEY going to pay down your credit card rather than simply to the never ending interest rate charges.

    Every month, millions of Bank of American credit card customers save money as a direct result of this video.

  12. It’s legalized loan-sharking, back by the force of law.
    Instead of breaking your legs, they’ll wreck your credit, affecting your employment chances, ability to rent an apartment, your insurance rates among other things.

  13. steveh777ify says:

    I started typing a reasoned response, but decided to pass in favour of drawing attention to an associated You Tube posting “Bank of America + one song”
    ….I don’t believe I need to expand on this. Just check it out for further clarification.

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